Voided Checks

I hate checks, but there are few companies I deal with that insist on having a voided check along with the ACH payment application. Any ideas? Will Envel be issuing check books?

As a suggestion, I had an online bank at one time that did not use checks. In addition to the direct deposit form on letterhead, they created a printable that auto-filled my relevant account info onto a check format that I could print/download when I had companies who required a voided check.

Perhaps this is something you could do, Envel?

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Hi! Thank you for raising this! At this point, Envel offers two ways to link external accounts: through Plaid or via routing numbers. I will make a note of this and bring it up :grin:

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Thanks for the suggestion! :clap: Sounds like a great alternative!

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Simple’s downloadable direct deposit letter included a “voided check” at the bottom to satisfy companies who had that requirement.

Hey Jon,

That’s a great idea! Did you receive this when you signed up, or when you indicated that you wanted to use direct deposit? Shared with the team, we’ve definitely gotten this request from multiple users, and this could be a great solution.


It’s in Simple’s app. When you need to set up a direct deposit, you just answer a few questions and download the PDF. Everything is printed just right, all you need to do is sign it and send it in. (or sign, scan, and email it in)

Note: I blurred out the routing and account numbers. On the real form, they were there, just as they would be on a voided check.

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Thank you! I chatted with the team about this and they love the idea. We are chatting with our head designer tomorrow about making a mockup of a revised direct deposit PDF in-app that includes a voided check! As I mentioned, this will solve a decent amount of support tickets that we get about employers needing a voided check. As always, appreciate your feedback!

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