Way to link Privacy.com to Envel (may not work for everyone)

Hi everyone,

One of our users, @digiSal , was able to successfully link Envel to privacy.com by contacting them and requesting to link a specific Envelope to privacy.com, without using Plaid (just by providing the account/routing numbers). This isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone, but I thought it was worth sharing as I was very excited to see someone link privacy.com to Envel! If you try this method, I would love to hear whether you had success or not.

Remember that if you have vendors and accounts that aren’t accepting your Envel acct/routing numbers, you can always

  1. Use your debit card to pay (in the case of vendors)
  2. Link both accounts to Venmo, Paypal, or Cash app, and transfer funds through these third party apps.

Jacqui + the Envel Team

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Is getting Plaid up and running on the road map?

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Hey Jon,

It’s definitely on our roadmap, although not a top priority at the moment. I know @Diederik brought it up at the product meeting today, so he may have more specifics!


Privacy integration is working really good for me. Once you confirm your Bills bank with the deposits, you make individual virtual debit cards for each merchant. I thought I could make one card for the whole Bills envelop but that’s not how it works. One card for each Merchant. It works really really well! They have a Chrome extension to instantly make/ view/ and use cards. They also have a mobile app.

But they did tell me they are not letting everyone verify their bank this way so all you can do is ask.


I’m so glad to hear that! I’m looking forward to seeing whether other folks are successful. Did they happen to mention what the criteria was for who they would let verify their bank?

No they didn’t. I didn’t even mention Envel. I just said my bank doesn’t support Plaid.