We want your feedback... but on our Community Forum this time!

Hi team!

We appreciate all the constructive feedback you have been giving us on this forum! Just to keep you on your toes, we were wondering if you had any feedback on this forum itself (getting kind of meta I know) :upside_down_face:

Community engagement is a priority for Envel and always has been. As such, we are aiming to make this forum as user-friendly as possible! There are definitely some UX improvements we already want to make, particularly on the mobile version of the community forum. But we wanted to hear your 2 cents as well! Mainly on the overall UX, but feel free to also comment on the posts you like, don’t like, what you’d like to see more of, etc.

Jacqui + the Envel Team

Forum wise, I don’t have anything to add for improvements. This is one of the first banks I’ve had with an active forum and very prompt and responsive staff members. I really appreciate how we as users can use this forum to provide feedback as well as get support/have our questions answered about our accounts.


Having this forum and, more importantly, such a responsive and friendly team (shout out to you @jacqueline) is great and sets Envel apart from other banks – and I believe setting yourself apart is key when you’re competing against so many other modern banking alternatives. In terms of UI here, the dark mode is probably too contrasty for my eyes (though I know this is great for accessibility) and the blue is “too blue” and not really “dark mode”. So maybe the Discourse platform has an option to tweak the dark mode a bit and might be something to explore.

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Thank you for the note! We are meeting with the design team to chat next week and I’ll bring it up.

And we are so happy you are enjoying the forum, it’s definitely been a team effort! Steve (our CEO/founder) was big on the idea from the start, long before anyone ever commented on my posts here aside from Diederik (things were obviously slower before we have an app for people to give feedback on). Our users generate the majority of the context, so thank you!

Thank you! We really value the chance to engage with our users so frequently, and as I’ve mentioned before it really does help us prioritize and grow as a company. Our users generate most of the content on here, so we appreciate you just as much!