What are you saving up for post-pandemic?

Hey friends!

We were chatting today as a team about what we were saving up for once the pandemic ends. Common answers I’ve heard are travels and vacations (way overdue), but I was curious what your plans were for treating yourself once the pandemic is over! What are you saving up for, if anything?


I’m currently saving up to buy a van so I can convert it and live in it. (I’m sure people are saving up for a house. I just don’t want to be tied down and I want to travel! Lol)


Love it! I’m no where close to a house, but I think a van is a great goal. Very efficient way to do a lot of traveling!

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A house LOL. I already paid off my car and student loans so yeah making progress.

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Solid goal! That’s definitely one of my (very very) long term goals. Best of luck, and we hope to help you out however we can!