What aspects of the app do you find confusing?

Hi everyone!

The Envel team is looking to make the app so intuitive that you can figure it out without going onto our website or forums. On that note, what aspects of the app do you currently find confusing? When you onboarding, what questions did you have that weren’t answered?

If you have friends/family members who have used the app, feel free to ask them as well! We are also looking to build out our in-app FAQ.

Jacqui + the Envel Team

an issue that I found confusing was a notification that stated I had a deposit. after tapping it the app was opened and took me to an actual debit instead of credit to the account. another issue is perhaps just something I’ve missed in the FAQ, but I am confused as to how the cash envelope determines what can be spent. I keep putting money in it but the daily allowance does not change.

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Hey John,

Welcome to our forum, we are excited to have you on board and appreciate your feedback.

That’s a great point about tapping on the notification. By “actual debit,” which page do you mean? And which page would you have rather it have taken you to?

In terms of the cash envelope, it does depend what setting you have on for your Cash Limit. Sometimes, if users are just starting out with the app and having their Cash set to ‘Daily,’ it can take some time before your Cash envelope shows you the true daily cash amount that you can spend while still having your other expenses covered.

If you choose to stay with the ‘Daily’ limit, make sure you link your external accounts so the app can get a full sense of your finances, and how much you can actually spend each day. However, many users opt for a ‘Weekly’ or ‘No limit,’ as this better reflects their spending patterns. You can change your cash limit on the center tab, by tapping on the top rectangle; it should say 'Tap to Change Cash Limit." Note that Autopilot must be on in order for you to access your different cash settings.

I hope this was helpful, but please let me know if any thing was confusing, and if you have any other suggestions or feedback on the app! We appreciate your engagement a lot.

Jacqui + the Envel team

Calibrating Income and Bills needs to be easier to find. I have to click that preference button on the bottom right, then click settings, then scroll down. Should be more prominent within the app. It’s pretty important.

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Thank you! Noting this to our design team, I completely agree, especially since these can change on a regular basis

It isn’t clear what the relationship is between income/bills calibration in Settings and the autonomous envelopes. I have a slew of questions about the practicality of having different account numbers for each envelope, but am waiting on my debit card and hoping the app will guide me to the answer once I activate it. I suppose I’m missing the user story behind the AI and multiple account numbers.

The AI disbursement of funds is extremely confusing. There should me more controls about what goes where. (For example, why does AI put $2000 into my emergency envelop and then put the remaining $15,000 into Cash? Shouldn’t it be the opposite of that? Moving money between envelopes is confusing and takes too many taps. Overall, the app design expresses the way the product is being built by various feature teams at a Envel rather than how a user thinks of their money. That is, there are too many tabs and places to tap to get to different information when it should all be more integrated.

Hey Katrice,

Welcome to our forum, we are excited to have you on board! Thank you very much for your feedback.

In terms of the multiple account numbers, this will change with our upcoming subaccounts feature. More information here!

The main reasoning behind the multiple envelopes was to make it harder, for example, for our users to spend money on spontaneous purchases that they had earmarked for their bills or mortgage payment. If you have any other specific questions, I am happy to do my best to answer them!

Thank you again for your feedback, and please let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions!

Jacqui + the Envel Team

Hey there,

Thank you for this feedback: I am communicating your suggestions to our design team. I know that Envel 2.0, coming out within the next few weeks, will have a bunch of UX improvements. I also know that several folks have commented about the too many tabs, and that is something our design team is working to improve. What tabs or UX elements do you think could better reflect how a user views their money?