What’s the logic behind Envel’s Logic?

What’s the logic behind Envel’s “smart” automation? I tried to Google it and couldn’t find any information. It seems like it just automatically moves money to envelopes, which is great and all, but is it that unique or impressive? Does it learn how much money needs to be allocated based on spending patterns?


I also wish I could better understand what the AI is doing. But I can also understand that it is probably pretty proprietary. It just feels a bit like Zoolander…


Haha you speak our language with the GIFs I see. We are working to incorporate more information/transparency into the app!

Hey @Connorpec,

Welcome to our forum! Yes, the AI will ultimately use insights from your income and spending habits to optimize your overall financial health. Our development team is currently working on additional ways to further improve and automate this feature, such as being able to recognize and categorize incoming transactions automatically. Happy to connect you to a member of our dev team who could give a more in depth explanation.

Additionally, we are working to incorporate more AI transparency into the app itself, such as through an info icon with detail. Stay posted!

We also have weekly AMA sessions that our CTO attends: AMA (Ask me Anything) Round 2: Come chat with the Envel Team!

If you can’t make the time, always happy to convey any questions you have to the team.