When do owner cards go out?

When do the owner debit cards get mailed out now that the wefunder campaign has ended?

Will they end up replacing our blue debit card?

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Are the founder cards metal by any chance?

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Hey there,

I just asked the team, and they said they plan to ship them out in ~30 days. Apologies for the delay, we actually don’t manufacture or ship the card ourselves. And @wmech unfortunately not that I’m aware of, but they will look super cool!

And yes, the owner card will replace your blue one :slight_smile:


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Wish I could get one of those :frowning: I want a fancy card!

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Will the new cards mess with direct deposit or anything? Hopefully no… fingers crossed.

Nope! Your direct deposit is linked to your Envel Deposit Account, which will not be affected by a new card

Sweet! Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. Also I really love the shared envelope. Allows me and wife to transfer funds for stuffs. My direct deposit will hit end of April. I’m excited to finally move over from simple. I’m also liking the progress on the app. Keep up the good work.


Thanks friend! Appreciate the support

Any update for the owner cards?

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See my reply to your other post!