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When linking card, it looks like the full account balance is transferred in and out of cash

I’m not sure if this is a bug but it was sure confusing.

So, when I connect my card to my bills account, it seems to transfer the full account balance into and out of my cash envelope (pictured; cash transaction history). Is this normal? It really caught me off guard to see such a large transaction :sweat_smile:

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Hi Chelsea,

Yes, this is normal. Any time you link your card all the funds are moved to the cash envelope in order to cover any purchases made during the 15-minute time limit. Once the timer is over the money is sent back minus anything that was spent.

Hope this information helps!

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Hello Eleanor,

The problem I’m having is that the balance being moved back is the full balance. It isn’t taking balance minus goal money spent. So this is forcing me to go and correct the funds later.

2000 moved from goals to cash (card linking)
I spend $500
2000 is moved back to goals (not $1500 like I’m expecting).


Hi Allen,

Thank you for contacting us, unfortunately we cannot help with account related questions via social media. Please log in to your Envel app and contact us from the support options there.

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