Why yes, there us a way to pay Bills from your Envel account!

A common question we have been getting is whether Envel can automatically pay all your bills.

As implied is the post title, you absolutely can! As you can link any 'Envel’ope to Venmo or PayPal, you can schedule your bill payments through these apps.

As always, let us know if you have questions, comments, etc!

So thrilled to be able to engage with you all,
Jacqui from Envel

When linking your bills to the envel’opes, it will show that its been taken out, but wont it will not show what it was for it will just say $___ was taken from cash/Bills.

Is there a way to fix this?


Do individual envelopes have account numbers or are they virtual to the main account? I’m not much a fan of using venmo/paypal to pay bills. My utilities for example want a bank account number or a debit/credit card number.


Thanks Jacqui!

Are there plans to spawn virtual cards for these envelopes? That would keep everything in Envel.

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What do you mean by spawn? We are looking to allow users to customize their cards!

Currently we have a card link feature that allows you to link your Envel debit card to most of your envelopes. We believe that it’s a much simple alternative to having a bunch of cards for each account! Personally I lose mine a lot so having a bunch wouldn’t be so great


Yes, working with partners to get virtual cards up and running! :blush:


Hey there!

When you look at your transactions tab (second to right on the bottom menu, the two arrows point towards each other), are you able to see it then?


Haha maybe in the past, but I’ve gone by this nickname for a long time, also the name I use when I DJ.

Thank you @Diederik.

Virtual Cards would be a fantastic way to setup automatic billing from the envelopes.

I agree with @jacqueline about having too many physical cards, but virtual cards would be great for auto debits tied to an envelope.

You all are on it!



Thank you! We try to be and are always looking to improve


Linking Envel to Paypal for Venmo to pay bills? This makes no sense, can you please explain, and explain why I have to use another system to pay a bill that my bank can’t?

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Hey Ryan,

You don’t have to, this is just an option if you want your bills to be paid automatically. I posted step by step instructions on our help center if you choose this option!

For our upcoming updates, we are working to incorporate direct autopay into our Bills features, so that you will not have to go through this extra step. For now, you can also swipe to link to your Bills card to pay a Bill each time it is due (this is what I do, as I like to monitor my different bills). Additionally, if you give your billers your Envel debit card info, you can always pay your bills through your Cash envelope (which is linked to your card by default). Just make sure you have sufficient funds in your Cash, which you can do by turning off autopay or through manual transfers.

I hope this helps, and let us know if you have other questions!


digging up this old thread since i was looking for this answer and since they are vague about it.

Since your Bills envelop has its own routing information, you could tell PayPal this is your bank. Go through the verification process, then request a PayPal debit card and now you have a Debit card that works with ONLY your Bills envelop.

i THINK that’s what they are implying.

Hey there,

If you link Envel to PayPal you shouldn’t need a debit card. You should be able set up recurring payments through PayPal through your external vendor’s website: more info here: how do-i-cancel-a-billing-agreement,-automatic-recurring-payment-or-subscription-on-paypal

Please let me know if this doesn’t work!


And this only works if my Bills account is the only bank account in PayPal? And what if I have a balance in PayPal. My bill will be paid from that PayPal balance instead of the Bills bank I set up no?

You could also choose to link your Cash envelope to PayPal: whichever account you choose to link you just have to make sure there are sufficient funds in that Envelope. For PayPal I believe it depends on which account you have set up as your preferred account. I do not have my PayPal balance/cash account set up, but there should be a way to indicate whether you prefer to pull from this balance or not.


You are correct and you can tell it not to use your PayPal balance. In my screen shot for Netflix you can see I have two Envel Banks, two envelops. I simply choose the one associated to Bills.

I think this needs to be a more thorough guide. Feel free to use my screen shots.

Thank you for the screenshot, this is super helpful to visualize since I don’t have a PayPal balance. I have this guide on how to link your PayPal, account, do you think we should add another about how to Pay bills with PayPal?

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Yes you definitely need that guide. I’ve seen you guys mention paying bills with PayPal out of envelops but don’t see any information about exactly how.

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Thank you! I will add this to our support team board. Let me know if you can think of any articles that need to be written!