Withdrawal Rejections need merchant info

Couldn’t figure out who was trying to charge me. Thought maybe it was Fraud but then realized it was a yearly amazon charge.


Great point! I will log this on our engineering team board, thank you for catching this!

Any update on this? I really thought my card was comprised but an hour later I remembered what it was.

Do you mind reminding me what the issue was? Earlier in the thread you said it was the yearly amazon charge, did this happen again? Remember that if you suspect fraud you can always call Visa DPS at 1-866-928-9488.

The issue is we don’t get notified who the merchant is that is trying to charge our cards when we get rejection notifications.

This just says unknown.

I see, thank you! Is this always the case, or was this a one time thing? And do you happen to know who the vendor was? It’s possible that they didn’t disclose their identity on their end, but if this is a recurring issue please let us know and I will log this to our dev team immediately!

it is a recurring issue. twice with amazon and now this vendor.

I am not sure who this vendor was.

Thank you, I am logging this and let me know if this comes up with any other vendors!